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2008-08-28 08:17:13 by mariomaster123

Upon the release of my sercret project (3-4 weeks from now) and Legend of a Tarantos III (unknown release date) I'm going to redo the 1st and maybe the second Legend of Tarantos, mostly because I can really do better than what I did... I don't if this excites any1.


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2008-08-28 17:11:22

Would be great to overdo them! Because the first, could used more potential if you know what I mean.. more animation like the horse wich was hard I know, but you could overdo it and try your best.. and in the 2dn to overdo it because the layers are messed up, so yeah. And Tarantos III can wait for now. take it easy.
We all know you would do best. ;)

keep up doing the good work man! :D
I believe in you.


2008-08-28 18:50:46

w00t I can finally voice act


2008-09-06 09:36:08

Do I get a script soon or is my project still on hold?