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This is an old, childhood account. It's cute, but it's time to move on from the fantastic journey that was mariomaster123. If you liked my old stuff, check out my new page. It's only got two works, but I've got more coming, promise.
My new name is Piktack! Come check me out.

My movie went blue!

2009-10-21 21:45:12 by mariomaster123

Yaaaay... watch!!!

The Call of GOTHLAM

2009-08-27 17:15:17 by mariomaster123

A fast little exercise movie i made to get back into flash, let's see how it does!

The Lazor Collection

2009-01-27 15:18:29 by mariomaster123

Woot, that was fun :D.
I hope I get a good score.

Awesome Parody

2009-01-05 11:23:50 by mariomaster123

Its time to make an awesome movie tribute!!!! :D
Egoraptor is the best, I have some ideas to parody a video game so why not make it an awesome film?
Wish me luck!
Also, I need a female voice actor, age range 16-25, American accent, you will acting as a hot girl (of course)




2008-12-18 00:06:42 by mariomaster123

wow, that was a good score for a 3 hr flash ^^
Anyways, I do hope to explore humor and fluidness of animation. It seems to get good people good scores! I hope to make an Aquapod 2!!! :D

The next chapter in Tarantos' tale is told.
This one took a long time, and is just a transition stage, it is necessary.
Tarantos' Tale is actually very deep, wait and find out...

Legend of Tarantos III is done

Jigsaw Flash/ Saw Collab

2008-12-07 11:39:46 by mariomaster123

I'm taking a break from LOT, making a new, quick flash,
I do believe this will be the first serious, genius saw trap/game flash ever made on this site. After this I will have a collab, serious, funny, whateves, just pm me for details if you are interested!

Jigsaw Flash/ Saw Collab

LOT3 will be done in days

2008-11-18 16:37:52 by mariomaster123

Hurray! This day has finally come, and I am pretty proud of my work thus far, just the backrounds, sounds and credits to go! X3 Everyone get ready, this one will be a doozy!!!!


2008-08-28 08:17:13 by mariomaster123

Upon the release of my sercret project (3-4 weeks from now) and Legend of a Tarantos III (unknown release date) I'm going to redo the 1st and maybe the second Legend of Tarantos, mostly because I can really do better than what I did... I don't if this excites any1.